Oxynergy Paris Norge | Soap-free skin cleansing
New soap-free cleanser with charcoal to purify the skin.
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Forget About The Soap!

For all skin types but especially for sensitive and reactive skin, after long and intensive researches, our formulators created a complete new way to cleanse the skin without soap. Soaps and must particularly sodium laureate sulfate are aggressive for the skin producing irritations, redness and other undesired effects. Moreover soaps or surfactants are not environmentally friendly. Most cleansing products have alkaline pH and modifyingn the natural skin pH. Skin pH is very important as the enzymes involved in the skin renew are activated or deactivated depending on the pH.

In order to absorb impurities, fat and dust we replaced soaps by charcoal. We formulated it in microspheres that are melting once activated with water and rubbed against the skin. The charcoal has also the advantage to purify, gently exfoliates and detox the skin totally.

After application the skin feels incredibly soft and retains on its surface essentials lipids and its micro flora.

The everlasting detox powder is without doubt a MUST HAVE for people with sensitive skin, oily or impure skin. Charcoal skin cleansing is a real new step and innovation in the field of skin care.

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